Commitment to our customers

To all our Style US America Customers,

We live in a time when athletes, teams and sports enthusiasts are able to benefit from wearing high tech apparel that contains moisture control, heat regulation and compression support.  In their quest to gain an advantage in their game or sports lifestyle, they have created a demand that has rapidly changed the landscape of sports apparel. 

Many manufacturers have looked to respond to this demand with everything from the cotton tee shirt to overpriced performance wear.  The problem with these options is they leave many individuals and teams without the opportunity to benefit from high quality performance wear at affordable prices.  At Style US America Inc., we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to look good and feel good at prices that don’t break the bank. 

So what makes us different?  Style US America, Inc. created our SUAwear brand to provide a consistent high quality product with extensive color combinations.  We believe it’s about brand attitude, personality and giving consumers something of their very own.  Your choices and design never go out of style when you do business with us.  We are here to help you identify the fabric options and color combinations that will meet your individual, team or group needs. 

At Style US America, Inc., we are dedicated to providing products that enhance the performance of every individual from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior and from the business individual to the casual dresser. Style US America, Inc. is committed to developing and producing products with superior fit, comfort and performance through strenuous research of the most technical fabrics and garment construction available.